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New technologies are researched within Videplast itself, in a laboratory equipped with the latest equipment. To always provide the best solutions to our customers, Videplast invests in the latest equipment and uses raw materials of high technology. In this way, it is able to meet the growing demand for quality, high print quality, and increased shelf life of foods. The use of these technologies also contributes to the Environment, to safety and packaging integrity.


Quality Control

All packages produced by Videplast are subjected to strict quality control aimed at full satisfaction of end users. This is done through a system which includes: statistical process control, target plans, operational committees and internal audits in all stages of the production process.
Controle de Qualidade
Controle de Qualidade

Research and Development

Videplast counts on highly qualified professionals in its team of research and development. They are professionals who are seeking, through the development of its suppliers and the use of modern equipment for plastics processing, to offer various packaging solutions for their customers.

Among the resources for research and development, Videplast has a laboratory with diverse equipment for analyzes. Among the analyzes carried out are: rate of oxygen permeability, gas chromatography, differential scanning calorimetry, optical microscopy, transmittance, coefficient of friction, surface treatment, pasteurization, autoclaving, and mechanical properties, among others.

Videplast also has thermoforming equipment for simulation testing and analyzing the behavior of thermoformable film, subjected to actual processing conditions.

All of these resources in research and development are available to clients for performing package characterization tests, and for research and development of new materials.

Technical Assistance

Videplast has an experienced and qualified team for technical assistance. They are professionals who constantly work with clients, assisting in the development of projects of new packaging. They also provide technical support on the use of existing packaging in production lines.


The quality of Videplast packaging is assessed in our own laboratory, through the use of universal testing equipment, a permeameter / analysis of permeability to gases, a meter for the coefficient of friction, and testing of mechanical and physical properties.

In addition to being used in quality control, in the laboratory new structures are also developed, and it is used for evaluating the application of new resins.

Alongside this, Videplast seeks partnerships with reference centers, with major global suppliers of resins and with universities.

Total Tracking Ability

Each package produced by Videplast has a label with an automatically generated code in scales. This was an internally developed system and enables the tracing of batches of raw materials used, the machinery, and the employees involved in its production.


Videplast has highly qualified professionals and the latest equipment able to meet all the demands and requirements of the main food manufacturers and industries in Brazil and abroad.

Videplast packaging is produced with the best raw materials available on the market. The company is a partner with the leading global manufacturers of resins, paints, pigments and other raw materials required for the production process.


Extrusion and Co-Extrusion

Videplast counts on an industrial park of film production equipment with mono extrusion, co-extrusion of 3, 5 and 9 layers, through to the production process known as "blown film". It also has a Cast line co-extruders of 5 and 7 layers. This permits, the production of various types of films, from commodities such as: shrink film, bags, tarps, heavy duty sacks and films, up to specialties such as: barrier films, cook in film, barrier film for the thermoforming process, barrier film bags for lamination, sacks for pet food, stretch film and pre-stretched stretch film.

Flexographic Printing

Videplast works with flexographic printers capable of printing from 2 to 10 colors. Besides possessing our own trademark printer, we work in partnerships with the best Brazilian trade shops, seeking in this way, the best results in graphics for the packaging we produce.


Solvent-based and solvent-less lamination process allow Videplast to operate in various segments of laminated packaging, with a variety of substrates, such as BOPP, PET, PE /PE and PE/PP cast. This enables us to expand our portfolio of flexible packaging.

Routers and Rewinders

The latest generation machines of Videplast guarantee maximum precision in the finishing of coils.

Cutting and Joining

Videplast operates with machines for polyethylene sacks, as well as pouch makers for barrier bags, machines with zipper applicators for stand-up pouches, and for special cuts.
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